My name is Melissa and I have found a passion in taking photos of children.

I completed my college degree in Elementary Education in 1998. From there I started teaching right away. I was fortunate to teach for 6 years in grades 1 and 2. I so enjoyed watching the joy and wonder of these children as they discovered new things in their world.

In 2002 I had my first daughter. My camera quickly became my friend and rolls and rolls of film were being developed. It was so hard to go back to the rigors of teaching and leave my baby at home every day. By 2004 my husband and I were able to let me stay at home with my daughter and leave teaching. I was still teaching, but my class size reduced to one.

Daughter number two arrived one year later and my passion for capturing their smiles, frowns, looks of wonder and such, intensified.

I was lucky enough to drop and break my point and shoot camera in June of ??™06. I purchased my first SLR camera and things started happening. I taught myself everything there was to know about photography using my little girls as subjects. After alienating them, I started looking at friends and their children for practice. Thankfully, my friends were willing subjects and let me play away!

A few years later, another baby girl graced our home. She is fresh and oh-so-willing to let me snap away. For the past ten years I have taken on clients and work to capture the moments that are so fleeting with our children. Having been there, I can relate to what new mothers are going through and try to be as accommodating to your family as possible.

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